Burdened with glorious feels

Because feels can be a heavy burden for one to carry, I'm putting mine here.


Josh’s delivery of “Nobody needs me” is so dead on/straight from the book (no self-pity, matter of fact) it’s actually kind of scary.

#yes yes YES #he nailed it #i have to admit that i was worried about that line #because if he did deliver it with even a hint of self-pity it would seem like he's fishing for a response from her #waiting for her to tell him that he's wrong #but no #it was perfect #i should never have expected any less from josh #because he is peeta #it is scary #in a wonderful sort of way #thank you josh #and flaw #(jen's delivery wasn't exactly how i imagined but we won't get into that) #josh hutherson #peeta #catching fire #THG


the thing i just love about the hunger games series is that you can go back and see all these little details and plot points and foreshadowing that you didn’t recognize any other times and they all add up by the finale and you’re just like


#A+ post #1.just had a discussion/argument with someone today about the power of reading a book more than once #you'll see things you didn't see before and appreciate the technical aspect of a writer's choices even more #2. this especially appiles to THG series #pretty much everyone i've ever talked to who claims that MJ is a terrible book DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT #learn how to read and then you can have an opinion #(clearly this also came up irl today and it still has me fuming) #3. there are not nearly enough gifs of jack tripper on tumblr #three's company #jack tripper #THG


quotes i wish were in the movie

Peeta’s beside me dressed in an outfit identical to mine. “What did Finnick Odair want?” he ask.
I turn and put my lips close to Peeta’s and drop my eyelids in imitation of Finnick. “He offered me sugar and wanted to know all my secrets,” I say in my best seductive voice.
Peeta laughs. “Ugh. Not really.”
“Really,” I say. “I’ll tell you more when my skin stops crawling.”
Do you think we’d have ended up like this if only one of us had won,” he ask, glancing around at the other victors. “Just another part of the freak show?”
Sure. Especially you,” I say.
Oh. and why especially me?” he says with a smile.
Because you have a weakness for beautiful things and I don’t,” I say with an air of superiority. “They would lure you into their Capital ways and you’d be lost entirely.”
Having an eye for beauty isn’t the same thing as weakness,” Peeta points out. “Except possibly when it comes to you.”

#ugh #book!peeta lines look SO RIGHT coming out of his mouth #it gives me pain to think about how amazing that first movie could have been #if only they would have let him be a book accurate peeta #urgh #anyway #this set is amazing #catching fire #THG #everlark
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…for the contingent out there who sneer at heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman and Captain America, those icons who still, at their core, represent selfless sacrifice for the greater good, and who justify their contempt by saying, oh, it’s so unrealistic, no one would ever be so noble… grow up. Seriously. Cynicism is not maturity, do not mistake the one for the other. If you truly cannot accept a story where someone does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, that says far more about who you are than these characters.

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#yes yes YES #thank you #if you cannnot appreciate let alone love a character who is TRULY good #then there's something wrong with YOU #not the character #believe it or not but there are people in this world who are truly selfless #it's not unrealistic #it's something to strive for #captain america #hashtag rant